private boat tour on Como Lake


Set sail on a luxurious three-hour boat tour of Lake Como, where you’ll be treated to an unforgettable blend of natural beauty and refined pleasure. As you embark from the quaint shores, your captain will navigate through the sparkling waters, providing stunning views of the dramatic landscape that surrounds Italy’s most glamorous lake.

Throughout your journey, you will be treated to chilled Prosecco, served as you float past the elegant villas and lush gardens that have made Lake Como a destination for the elite. The crisp, refreshing bubbles complement the serene atmosphere, enhancing the sense of exclusivity and celebration.

Midway through your adventure, the boat will anchor in a tranquil bay, inviting you to immerse yourself in the clear, refreshing waters of Lake Como. This swim stop is a perfect opportunity to cool off and enjoy the lake’s soothing embrace, all while surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.

Resume your tour feeling rejuvenated, with the sun setting behind the Alps, painting the sky in hues of gold and pink. Your cruise on Lake Como is not just a journey across water; it’s an experience of unparalleled beauty and indulgence, promising memories that will last a lifetime.


Eolo (up to 6 people)
€ 810, all inclusive
Invictus (up to 9 people)
€ 920, all inclusive (up to 5 people)
€ 1100, all inclusive (more than 5 people)




Embark on a journey through Como Lake’s elegance and history, exploring gems like Villa Troubetzkoy, the Oriental Mandarin Hotel, and enchanting Villa Taverna. Enjoy a swim in Nesso, then head to Comacina Island, Villa le Cassinelle, Villa Balbianello, and Bellagio. On the return, marvel at George Clooney’s residence in Laglio, Gianni Versace’s Villa Fontanelle, and historical treasures like Villa D’Este and Villa Erba in Cernobbio. Conclude the tour at the historic Villa Olmo in Como – a captivating experience awaits you!


Blevio and Torno are on the right side of the lake northwards after Como town. In this area there are many villas from different ages. Among the most important, Villa Troubetzkoy, belonged to a Russian prince. Villa Roccabruna, which has been recently converted in a hotel: the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel.


Eighteenth century building originaly owned by Artaria family one of the most famous publishing family of the time. It was for long time Artaria family holiday resort. In 1842 the german trader and banker Giorgio Mylius bought the Villa and proceeded to a full renovation. When Giorgio died, his second wife Sophie Elisabeth Vonwiller sold the villa to Corrado Cramer member of a very important milanese family owns of a textile industry. Recently, the Cademartori family, owners of one of the most important Italian food company, bought the Villa and used it as holiday resort for long time. In the eighties, the Villa went through the last renovation and shared into apartments.


Villa Taverna is set in a panoramic location in the village of Perlasca, between Blevio and Torno. It was built by Count Paolo Taverna at the end of the eighteenth century. Taverna’s family then rented the villa to Francesco Melzi, who lived there while working on the construction of the nearby Villa Melzi.


Villa Pliniana is a very old villa built in 1500 by Giovanni Anguissola, the governor of Como. He wanted a fortress-villa out of town. He named the building VILLA PLINIANA in honor of Plinio the famous writer, philosopher and roman governor. Villa Pliniana is located in a magnificent place and it hosted famous celebrities as Napoleon, Stendhal, opera composers as Bellini, Rossini and Liszt.


Nesso is halfway along the road that connects Como with Bellagio. Doubtless is one of the most peculiar villages on Lake Como. The characteristic of Nesso is the Orrido. It is a beautiful waterfall coming down from the mountain into the lake. The best way to admire this corner of paradise is approaching it by boat. You will be able to enjoy the power of the water almost touching it by your hands.


Comacina Island it was formerly a Roman fort and then a medieval settlement. It is the only island on Lake Como, it forms with the lakeshore a small and peaceful bay. You can visit the ruins following a walk through the woods but you have to pay an entrance ticket. Obviously, you can get to the island by ferry or private boat. La Locanda dell’Isola is a famous restaurant where you can taste the local specialties.


Definitely the most spectacular places on Lake Como is Villa Balbianello. It is located on a promontory overlooking the whole lake and its architecture is perfectly integrated with nature. Now known to be the Lake Como Star Wars Villa, Villa Balbianello was originally a monastery. It was the home of cardinals and noble families. The villa inside is a museum with souvenirs from worldwide. The villa owner was Monzino a famous explorer, so a lot of souvenirs from his explorations are exposed in it . The villa is also famous because many scenes from the film Star Wars Episode II were shot there. In 2006 it was also the location set for the movie James Bond Casino Royale. Today the villa is part of the Italian Environmental Fund; the gardens and the interior of the villa can be visited paying a ticket. The villa can also be rented for private events and weddings. If you want live one of the most romantic experience of your life please make sure to arrive to the villa with a private boat.


It is in the center of the lake and divides the east from the west branch. It is a picturesque location and the most famous village in Lake Como. Bellagio name derives from the Latin bi-lacus – “between the lakes”: Bellagio is, in fact, located on the promontory that divides the two branches of the lake. It is characterized by alleys full of typical shops climbing up the promontory. Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni are the two famous villas open to public that are located here. The road from Como to Bellagio is scenic but particularly narrow and busy so it takes about an hour by car to get to Bellagio although it is only 30 km away from Como. For this reason, if you want to visit Bellagio the most comfortable and scenic way is renting a boat. Private boats and ferries connect Bellagio with the whole lake.


Pescallo is a fishing village that can be reached in a quarter of an hour from the center of Bellagio. Typical lake Como village Pescallo is a painting of rare beauty. Punta Spartivento is the point where the lake divides exactly into two branches. Here, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama with the alps background. Easily reachable on foot, 10 minutes from Bellagio center.


Tremezzo is a small little village which overlooks Bellagio. It is famous for two big villas, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a nice 5 star luxury hotel, and Villa Carlotta, a villa open to public, with a beautiful garden.


In these three little villages there are a lot of 18th and 19th century villas. The best way to enjoy them is from the lake by boat. Villa Oleandra is famous because is the George Clooney house in Como, where he usually spends his summer holidays. Villa Fontanelle is another very famous and beautiful estate (it was once Versace’s villa).


Villa d’Este is a wonderful 5-star hotel, one of the best in Italy. Built in the late 1500s, at the end of the 1800s it was converted into a hotel. Villa d’ Este has hosted the most famous politicians and actors of the world. With classic style, it allows guests to experience an atmosphere of other times.


Villa Erba was built by the noble Erba family at the beginning of the 1900s. It is used for events and weddings and it is also an exhibition center. A glass complex put in a huge park is used for large events and fairs. Normally it is closed to the public and you can visit the villa only on the occasion of special events.The villa can be admired by boat from the lake.


Villa Olmo owes its name to the pre-existing presence in the area of two distinct specimens of elm, very old and large. It was built in neoclassical style between 1782 and 1787 on behalf of Innocenzo Odescalchi, belonging to a wealthy family of the time. In 1925 it was sold to the Municipality of Como. Since then the Villa has been a prestigious venue for exhibitions, events and conferences.


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